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To learn and grow in the way of love, to be forgiven and in relationship with God, and to practice the way of love and forgiveness daily.


When living in love, forgiveness and relationship with God completely changes the world.

Discipleship + Transformation

Green Street offers multiple doorways to experience,  learn, and live God's love, so that together we can transform the world.



Worship in Community


8 am - Casual worship, choose a variety of hymns & music, scripture story & reflection, lots of laughter, sharing prayers if you wish to do so.

10:30 am - Traditional worship, choir, sometimes bells, scripture story & reflection, prayer & fellowship. Childcare is available during this service.

Summer hours, 8 & 9:30 am, begin June 17.

Learn. Question. Grow.

An Anatomy of Peace - Learning how to have relationships with a peaceful heart. 

Sundays, 9 am

The Gospel of Mark - Women's study of Jesus' life.

Mondays, 3 pm

Slow Down & Re-Center Your Soul

Guided Meditation Series - Listening to the deeper self.  Topics include: What is most important? What do I want? What am I here for?

Saturdays, 5:30 pm

Mandala Meditation - Meditate & pray through the ancient tradition of coloring mandalas.

1st Mondays of the Month, 5:30 pm

Discipleship: Spiritual Practices for Daily Life

Prayer & Nature

Many people experience God in nature.  Even in the city, we encounter nature in parks and rivers, plants and animals, through the warmth of the sun or in a cool breeze.  The following suggestions are ways to be spiritually connected through nature, every day and anywhere.

Journal Gratitude

Spend time outside.  Pay attention to your senses: what do you see, hear, smell?  Where do you see signs of life?  What makes you grateful?  At the end of each day, keep a journal of at least three things you noticed for which you give thanks to God.

Pray with Sound

Listen to nature sounds while you pray or meditate.  There are many free apps with birdsong, rain drops, ocean waves, rustling trees, and other nature sounds.

Let Prayer Take Flight

The Spirit of God is described in the Bible as a dove. Whenever you see a bird in flight, pause and say a silent prayer to God.

Nature Stories

In addition to describing God as the Creator of all nature, the Bible often uses nature metaphors for God, or incorporates nature stories into teaching about faith.  Find a nature story or reference in the Bible.  Read it through several times.  What words connect with your soul?  What does it teach about God and faith?  How does it invite you to respond?

Walk a Labyrinth

 Walk an outdoor labyrinth. Pray or meditate as you follow the path to the center and return by the same path.  In Augusta, there is an outdoor labyrinth at Maine General hospital.


Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials at the Augusta Warming Center provides needed items that individuals and families might not otherwise be able to afford: shampoo, soap, toothpaste.  Green Street recently collected 246 rolls of toilet paper to donate.

Angel Food Supper

Faith communities in Augusta provide a free, homemade community meal every Saturday. Green Street's supper begins at 4:30 pm; show up at 4:30 to eat; come earlier or at 5:30 to help. September through May.

1st Saturday - South Parish Church

2nd Saturday - Unitarian Universalist Congregation 

3rd Saturday - Green Street

4th Saturday - Penney Memorial

5th Saturday - Temple Beth-El

Garden Giveaway

Could you use fresh produce?  The Garden Giveaway provides free fresh vegetables and fruit throughout the summer. Do you have have an abundant garden to share?  Drop off produce on Sundays or Monday mornings. 

Mondays, 9 am until noon (or until produce is gone) - usually July -September

Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope

A transitional home for in-need or homeless female veterans and their children in Augusta.  Green Street opened the church building for a Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser on April 28 and welcomed Director Martha St.Pierre as our guest speaker on Sunday, April 29.

Downeast Mission

Join a team traveling to Cherryfield, ME for a work week helping with home repairs and other hands-on projects.

September 17-22

Contact the church office for details.

Transformation: Growing Love

Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope

I first heard of the Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope in the KJ over a year ago.  I didn't realize we weren't housing our female veterans.  I had an inflatable queen mattress I wasn't using, so I called to see if they could use it.  Martha said, “Yes, we can.”  She gave us a tour of the building when we dropped off the mattress.  I offered to sew curtains for them.  Martha already had fabric for several rooms.  I bought a bolt of muslin to line them.  I've done seven sets for the living room, three for the kitchen, and I'm waiting to receive the sheers to shorten, if needed, and buy tension rods for the downstairs windows.

As can be expected, the ladies have many concerns and right now they're pulling the drapes for privacy.  Sheers will allow in light and yet also provide privacy.  They've lived in darkness long enough and they need light in their home.

My spiritual gifts are helping and encouragement.  I've been part of the S.O.W.E.R. ministry for thirty years now.  Since moving back to Maine and selling my motor home, I cant participate in S.O.W.E.R. projects, so I find my own within driving distance of my home.  I continue to be a prayer warrior for the S.O.W.E.R. ministry and for my own church needs.

Patty Rogers

 Patty Rogers returned home to Maine several years ago.  Now a member of Green Street Church, she has been involved in local and international missions throughout her life.

Transformation: Ministry Teams at Work

Missions Ministry Team

The Missions Ministry Team guides the church in being God’s partners in loving and letting all Creation know of God’s love.  The team hosts four Mission Sundays that include worship, fellowship, and a witness to faith in action.  Guest speakers and missionaries connect us to local,  national, and world missions.

5th Sundays of a month

9:30 am, worship

11 am, brunch

Welcome Table

The Welcome Table educates people about special food needs, provides opportunities for all people to eat together around shared meals, and models ways that food sensitivies can be cared for in our church spaces. The team provides allergy-free and vegan meal options for church programs. Welcome Table members also developed a gluten free bread, free of the top 8 allergens, that is now used for communion.  Green Street is a peanut-free facility.

Visitation Team

For caring, connected people who want to brighten someone's day and deepen friendships, the Visitation Team goes out in twos and threes to visit shut-ins and those in need of companionship.  The team meets monthly for reflection, planning and training. If this is a way of sharing God's love that speaks to you, click here to learn more!

Garden Giveaway

Perhaps you enjoy gardening, or you love working outdoors.  Maybe you are excited to meet new people.  Or you want to make a difference in a local neighborhood.  The Garden Giveaway team coordinates local gardeners with community teams to ensure that those in need of fresh produce have access to it. 

Knitted Together In Love

Green Street Prayer Squares and Prayer Shawls have been shared with visitors, sent to friends in the hospital, given out in airports, and offered to those looking for a piece of hope to hold onto.  Prayer Squares and Shawls are knitted by the Prayer Shawl Ministry Team, who pray for the persons who will ultimately receive them.  Squares are knitted in a rainbow of colors and each one has a cross in the middle.  If you would like to receive one, or know someone who would, contact the church!

Music Ministries

Music ministry teams includes a handbell choir and a singing choir.  If you enjoy diverse styles of music, and want to celebrate musically with a faith community, contact the church for information.

Partner in Love

Thank you for partnering with us in love and transformation. Your generous contributions support the ministries of Green Street.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Weekly Message

1 Corinthians 12


How do you use your spiritual gifts at home, at work, in relationships?


Pray for God's guidance in how you're being invited to use your spiritual gifts.


Take a spiritual gifts assessment at UMC.org.  What do the answers reveal to you?

For next week: 

Acts 4

Welcome Table Recipes & Tips

Communion Bread

(Free of the top 8 allergens and free of gluten)


Yeast Mixture

1 cup warm water (between 110 and 115 degrees F)

3 TBSP real maple syrup (gluten free on label if able to find)

1 packet active dry yeast (about 2½ tsp, not instant)


Dry Ingredients

                                 *  1 cup brown rice flour                   *  1 TBSP xanthan gum

                                 *  1½ cups tapioca starch                   1½ tsp sea salt

                                 *  1/2 cup millet flour                      ** 1 TBSP baking powder                                                                                                                                                              

                               *  1/2 cup sorghum flour    


* Namaste brand – See notes labelled “flours”

** Homemade baking powder mixture made using 2 parts cream of tartar and one part baking soda – we use this and it works very well – we currently use McCormick brand for cream of tartar and Arm and Hammer Baking Soda)

Wet Ingredients

9 TBSP hot water

3 TBSP Ground Flax seed meal (golden or brown, using in place of eggs), Namaste brand

1/3 cup water

1/4 cup olive oil + 1/2 TBSP olive oil

1 tsp apple cider vinegar


Namaste brand ingredients are certified to be free of gluten to a level of less than 10 parts per million. They are also processed in a facility that is free of the top eight allergens: Peanuts and tree nuts (including coconut), crustacean shellfish and fish, eggs, wheat, dairy, and soy.

Prepare the yeast mixture:  Combine the warm water with maple syrup, then add yeast, stir briefly until yeast is fairly dissolved. Allow yeast to proof for 7 minutes (set timer to be sure!). While yeast is proofing, do step 4:

1. In a large cereal bowl, combine the 9 TBSP hot water with the flax seed meal. Stir well and set aside, stirring occasionally until thickened (takes a few minutes - will gel nicely). Then add the 1/3 cup water, all of the olive oil and the apple cider vinegar.  Stir well. Time should be just about up for the yeast mixture.

2. When timer goes off for yeast, add yeast mixture to dry ingredients, mix on medium for a few seconds, then add the wet ingredients, mixing on low to medium for a few seconds, then on high for 3 minutes, scraping down edges of bowl as needed. Dough will be more like a slightly thick pancake batter with a slight gel-like feel. It should not run when spooned onto the pan for baking, but should not be too heavy and gummy and hard to spread either.

3. Spoon onto large pan and spread to make two rectangles 5”x9” and about a ¼” thick (guessing here, haven’t really measured it) or whatever shape you want.

4. Rise about 1 hour in warm place.

5. Bake at 375 degrees F. for 18 – 20 minutes (looking for internal temp to be between 200 and 205 degrees – sometimes is hard to get this reading with a flat bread. If unsure if done after 20 minutes, check bottom of bread to be sure is browned, tap top of bread lightly and listen for hollow sound (should be done – PRAY!

6. Allow bread to cool on cooling rack. This recipe works best if made the day before and allowed to “rest” overnight.  If broken or cut the same day, inside texture will be a bit tacky (kind of sticky) even though it is done, but doesn’t affect flavor. The moisture inside seems to be appropriately distributed overnight for some reason and is very good the next day. If freezing for later use, wrap completely cooled bread with plastic wrap and place in freezer bag-no need to wait until next day to freeze.

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